We build Apps for Professionals with Big Dreams

We combine our prototyping process with Google's cutting edge technology "Flutter", to deliver beautiful apps in record time

Our mission

At WePrototype, we want to help ambitious senior managers with entrepreneurial dreams launch successful technology-driven businesses, built to scale.

Our guarantee

Your idea gets to market and your business model is validated.

Turn your

  • 01About Us

    We are a team of mobile app engineers, business analysts, project managers and digital marketing experts. We are intentional and strategic in how we take products from idea to market.

  • 02Main Services

    There are 4 core services you can combine depending on which stage your business is.

    • Prototype - Something to pitch investors and early customers.

    • Mobile App - Something that actually works and gets great reviews.

    • App360 - Something to help you reach your target market.

    • Market Research - Something to give you cold facts about your market.

  • 03Our Aproach

    Unlike other IT shops, we build apps the right way. We use a well known engineering principle called "Prototyping" to guarantee our success. It is the same principle used by Architects to make sure you get the house you dreamed of and not something else.

  • 04Our Technology

    “We built Flutter from the ground up to be this beautiful, fast, productive, open-source toolkit for building tailored experiences for mobile.”...Tim Sneath [Google Product Manager]
    Alibaba rebuilt their entire mobile platform with Flutter. Other global brands such as AirBnB, Tencent and obviously Google are doing the same.

  • 05Founder Experience

    Our CEO and Founder, Mayowa, is a seasoned technology entrepreneur with over a decade experience taking software products to market. His previous start-up was sold in over 22 countries. He has worked with several start-ups to help them design, build and launch digital products that succeed in the market.

Never just about the app, we help you focus on the bigger picture.





Here is why you want us working on your project

Native Apps

Unlike other IT shops that use website technology to build apps, we use platform specific tools.

Payment Terms

Our payment terms have been uniquely structured so it's comfortable for salary earners.

Progress Report

We are collaborative in our process. You always get updates on every progress we make.

Post-Launch Support

Like we say, it is not just about the app. We support you all the way to market validation.

We are always delivering beautiful digital products

Our team is excited and passionate about new ideas.


We have verified reviews from real customers, and we are not afraid to publish them!


Latest Stories

Latest Stories

Sometimes we write about what customers asked. Sometimes we write about what we do. Either way, they are always fun to read.

We are in the news

We are in the news

We have established good relationships with media outlets, so our clients can make use of these relationships to announce themselves to the world!